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Hi there. I'm Shiggy. It's super nice meeting you. Congratulations on your engagement. How exciting! Woot woot!  Thank you very much for visiting my website. I appreciate it. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

An engagement photo session is the perfect time:
✅To have fun, be silly, share laughs and most importantly practice.
✅To practice being "engaged"  (no pun intended heheee) with each other in front of a professional photographer.  Think about your engagement session as a warm-up and practice for your wedding day.
✅To try various poses and try different ways to complement each other. 
 Since it feels like "practice," don't you already feel like that pressure to get that "EPIC" photo is already off?  Conversely,  this makes you feel more relaxed and you'll get the  EPIC shot.  The more relaxed you are,  the more natural, graceful  and elegant you'll  appear  in your photos.  That is when the magic happens. Trust the process. 

✅ The biggest problem you will have is narrowing down just one photo for your

"Save the Date," invitation. Why? Because you'll have so many great ones to choose from. That, my friend, is a great problem to have. 

✅Once you nail your engagement day photos, your wedding day photos will be a breeze. On your actual wedding day you'll  have less stress and you'll have more bandwidth to spend time enjoying your family, relatives and friends.

✅Do you want traditional engagement photos? Or something with flair?
Something that is more "your vibe,"  with your own personal and distinctive style? Something that encompasses you and your partner's lifestyle and who you uniquely are. 
✅Perhaps you both share a love of the ocean and want to do a shoot in the ocean.  But with a twist!  Rather than having the pier in the background,  we'll swim out or paddle out to the other side of the pier,  literally to the end of the pier, and have the pier in the foreground and the shore in the background. (see photos below) Rare & UNIQUE! Can you 
imagine having that photo framed on your wall? What a conversation piece that will be!
Or does your love of traveling envision a shoot with your partner on the iconic LAX Sign?
Your hobby is important to you, whether it's  hiking, swimming, bicycling, sailing, or exploring new parts of town. So why not include it as part of your engagement photo shoot? Your doggie is important to you so let's also include your furry best friend. (see photos below)  I'm always open and flexible to suggestions.

Engagement Sessions Starting at just $550.

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Engagement shoots can be stressful, and that's not just counting the actual day of the photo shoot.  There are so many pieces to the puzzle on your end to make a photo shoot successful and photography is just one aspect in the big picture. I'll make sure your photo shoot as stress-free, effortless and as fun as possible.

I believe it's consistency, reliability and dependability that has helped me establish long lasting trust with my clients. (Please read all the testimonials below.)  Unlike some photographers and "artists," I'm never late to the shoot,  I always arrive well prepared and early, and have a 100% track record. I hope that reduces possible anxiety, gives you comfort, and most importantly, gives you a huge peace of mind. Let's shoot! 

Love & Light + Laughter


Your cheerleader! And photographer too!

Prices starting at just $550.

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