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     Shiggy Ichinomiya (Itchy-know-me-yah)     

Hi, I'm Shiggy
How are you? Good, great, wonderful, fantastic? Great to meet you, albeit it online. I hope I get the privilege to meet you in person, in the near future.

I was "made in Japan," to a Japanese father, and a German mother. My sister is an American citizen and I'm currently in the process of becoming a Naturalized US. Citizen. USA. USA. USA!!!  

I grew up in the suburbs of London, England from the ages of 5 to 12 and

attended Kingston Grammar School where we played cricket and field hockey, since "football" was considered a 2nd class sport and studied Latin in order to be familiar with the works of the greats.  Posh and fancy, huh!!  

I graduated from Boston University and my roommate gave me the nickname "the mayor," because when we walked to class together up Commonwealth Avenue, he said that we couldn't walk 10 feet without me stopping to say "hi" to people, be it a college professor, fellow classmates and even the homeless people in the street.  

Upon graduating from B.U (go Terriers) I moved to Japan and started studying Japanese. I passed the highest level Japanese Proficiency Test which gave me the confidence to pursue a career in TV, radio and voice-over work.  Before returning to Los Angeles, I had my own TV show, was a regular on-air-live radio personality on a weekly show and did voice-over work for the likes of Sony Playstation and Japan Airlines. 


I collaborated with a USC Professor, Eric Roth, a Master Lecturer, and became a co-author of "Compelling Conversations: Japan." Available on Amazon! Yay! I'm an internationally published author!!!! And I'm in the process of writing two more books!!

I joined the LA Tri Club and have participated in numerous triathlons and completed two Ironmans (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, followed by a 26.2 full marathon!!)  In 2010, I was honored to be nominated by the 1,800 + member LATC,  as "Member of the Year,"  and was invited to go to San Diego to receive a very prestigious award that I'm so grateful and thankful for. 

I graduated from the Fire Academy and wanted to be a FireFighter/Paramedic, however, my calling to leave a legacy in the form of something tangible----photographs/videos---lead me to become a photographer/videographer thereby having me being cause in the creation of memories that will last forever.

Who I am as a possibility is being powerful, peace, love, calm, enthusiasm, joy, abundance, compassion, understanding and bold leadership.  Onwards. Upwards. 

Love & Light + Laughter,


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