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Our prices start at just $399.

Hi there. I'm Shiggy. It's super nice meeting you. Looking for a headshot photographer can be stressful, and that's not counting the actual day of the photoshoot. There are so many pieces to the puzzle, to make a photoshoot successful and photography is just one aspect of the big picture. We get it and want to make the whole process from booking your shoot, to capturing stunning headshots, to you receiving your ready-to-upload images as simple, as easy, and as stress free as possible. Book it and forget it.

Our Consistency and Dependability has established solid

TRUST with all our clients. We hope that reduces possible anxiety, gives you
comfort, and most importantly, gives you a huge peace of mind.

My team and I, always arrive well prepared and early to the shoot, and we pride ourselves in having a 100% track record whether the shoot is locally in Beverly Hills, Malibu, or even San Diego. We haven't missed a shoot nor have been late for a client, even if the  shoot requires traveling by plane to

destinations such as, Chicago (Illinois,) Kona (Hawaii,) or Hiawatha, (Kansas.)

In addition, GoShiggyGo Photography carries a $1 Million Dollar Limited Liability Insurance Policy. Again, for your peace of mind.

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✅Actor Headshots?

✅Personal Branding Headshots?

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✅Attorney Headshots?

✅Faculty Headshots? 

✅Online Dating Headshots? 

✅LinkedIn and Profile Headshots?

✅Doctor/Medical Staff Headshots?

 ✅Social Media Headshots? 

✅Resume Headshots?  

✅Realtor Headshots?

Look no further.
You've come to the right place. 

We offer professional, commercial, consumer, and corporate portraits,

as well as headshot photography for business and promotional use. 

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You have only one chance to make a first impression.
Make it count.

We'll make you feel comfortable and at ease from the get-go so that your authentic self can radiate and shine.

Ready to make it count?


Would you like a more "approachable," image?
Would you like a powerful portrait that conveys confidence, strength and wisdom?
You've earned those wrinkles. Embrace them. 

You'll appear wiser.

More experienced. Knowledgeable.

An EXPERT in your field. 

Of course, our expert

Photoshop magician can make those fine lines disappear!

Ready for yes? 


Still using those old and dated headshots from 10 years ago?

From the last decade? From the 2010s?

 Is it a misrepresentation?


Ever been on a first date and the other person looks NOTHING like his/her photos and you feel betrayed, disappointed and kinda little let down? Are you using those type of photos too?


These days, people demand  honesty, being candid, openness, transparency and "real."


Invest in your image.

Invest in your brand. 
Invest in your 

first impression. 

Ready for something new?



 Would you like your photo shoot in my studio? Outdoors? Both? 
Would you like photos taken in your office,  at your venue or in the comfort of your own 

  Would you like your headshot taken with a Green Screen so you can have unlimited background choices!

Some clients prefer the "at my own home," option, for they have their entire wardrobe and amenities at their fingertips.  This way they don't have to worry about forgetting anything which makes it easier and more convenient for them, In addition, instead of schlepping their clothes from their residence to the car, and then driving across town on the congested 405 freeway, everything is within reach, at home.  Solution: I come to you! 

I can bring my portable and mobile studio, replete with professional lighting/strobes and an assortment of backdrops to your home, your office, or to any location. (I had the good fortune to be flown out to Chicago for two lawyers' headshots, and I brought my battery powered strobes, backdrops and stands with me for the outdoor and indoor photo shoot.)  

Professional headshots starting at just $399  See Pricing Page

Our client typically invests $750.

Once you determine which package you would like, we assure you there are no extra costs or hidden fees. Transparent, open & honest. Yay! You have come to the right place.

My photos have been featured in national and international magazines, on major television networks, in the news, on book covers, in journals, on billboards, on product packaging, online and in print.


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