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Corporate and Executive Headshots:


Your image is crucial to your business. Has it been over 3 years since you've had your headshot taken? Admit it!! You need new headshots for your business, for your branding and for your social media platforms.  Do you have a LinkedIn professional photo?  The other day I was having dinner with a friend and they told me how a random and complete stranger contacted and connected them through LinkedIn.  They liked the professional appearance of my friend in their profile pic (and most importantly their bio, of course,) and they got a really, really, did I say really, really great job.  

Change your profile picture across all social media platforms? Facebook. LinkedIn. Instagram. Twitter. Tinder. Bumble. Your personal or business e-mail signature. 

Is your photo blurry, pixelated and not really working anymore? Time to update your social media profile pic? Impress your clients. Impress your connections and your network.  FIRST impressions count. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression. Make a great one. It's superficial but, the reality is, great headshots can get you through doors that are closed. All successful executives have great headshots because they invested in

themselves.  Reinvent your brand.  Your competition did.  Do it now. 

Got a big team or an event? GSG Photography have complete mobile studio set ups that can come to your office or convention and handle any number of employees or attendees.

Actor headshots:

Want to re-invent yourself? Sick and tired of your old and dated profile pic? Do those pics that were taken 10 years ago not even look like you now?  No wonder the casting agent has difficulty submitting you.   Or do you even hate the ones that you have because you weren't comfortable when having them taken? 

Want to take a wide variety of photos to make an impact and book those auditions? In this highly competitive market for actors, it's even more critical to have great headshots. And have a wide variety of them!!!!  Want to give your agent a diverse collection of photos that represent the whole gamut of your personality? Commercial? Theatrical?  Want to find an agent with photos that have proven to work and get you in the door and ultimately for you to book the job? If you are serious about taking your career, not your hobby, but your career,  to the next level then please contact GoShiggyGo Photography.

You have a crazy busy schedule. You only have time to take your photos super early at 6am or after work, say, at 10pm?  No problem.  Don't hesitate to make a request.  Let's make it happen. 

Got a fresh new hair cut? Book your photoshoot right after your hair appointment. 

Remember, if you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll always get the same results. STEP out of your comfort zone. Bring your character, your multiple-personalities to life. The acting business, especially here in LA is ferociously competitive. One generic headshot won't cut it.  You need variety. You need a broad range of photos from a number of different angles, with a wide range of facial expressions because even though they say that casting directors can "see" the potential of you in a generic and happy headshot, wouldn't it just make it plain easier if you had a RAGING face on your computer that you can submit at a moments notice. Speed wins!!! 

Who better to have as your photographer, than a former actor who had his own TV show in Japan, and played over 20 different and diverse characters? Who better to help you go through your wide range of characters and even discover some that you never knew existed?  All without judgment or ridicule. All WITH bringing out the very best in you so that you can win the OSCAR or book a national commercial aired during SuperBowl.  

Mini-Headshot sessions begin at just $199.

GoShiggyGo requires a 50% non-refundable retainer fee at time of booking to hold the date. 
The retainer fee shall be applied to the balance. Balance due prior to the start of the photoshoot session.  Venmo. PayPal. Cash. 

CONTACT GoShiggyGo Photography for availability, bookings, rates and any questions.

Thank you. 


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