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-Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Since 2012-

-B'Not Mitzvahs Since 2019-

Hi there. I'm Shiggy. It's super nice meeting you. Thank you very much for visiting my website. I'm honored and humbled.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs can be stressful, and that's not just counting the actual day itself.  There are so many pieces to the puzzle to make a Bar/Bat Mitzvah day successful and photography and videography is just one aspect in the big picture. 
We want to make the whole process from booking us, to capturing beautiful photos and videos on your son/daughter's special day, to you receiving your images, as simple, as easy, and as stress free as possible.

Book it and forget it.

Our consistency and dependability has established solid TRUST with all our clients. My team and I, always arrive early to the venue and have a 100% track record.  We respect, and greatly value you, and your time.  

We hope that reduces possible anxiety, gives you comfort,

and most importantly, gives you peace of mind.

In addition, GoShiggyGo Photography carries a $1 Million Dollar

Limited Liability Insurance Policy. An Insurance Certificate will be happily furnished should it be required by your venue.

Again, for your peace of mind. 

Los Angeles & Orange County

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Videography

Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Photo Booths

Your Triple Threat 

It's super easy and convenient for you to book all three. 
Book all 3 in just 1 place. 


Photography starting at just $2500
Videography starting at just $1500
Montage starting at just $900
A Bar/Bat Mitzvah client typically invests $5500
Ask about our Photo & Video Packages

Ask about our Photo & Video + Photo Booth Bundles
Once you determine which package you would like, we assure you there are no surprise costs or hidden fees. Click here for pricing.

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Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Photographer and Videographer in Los Angeles Shiggy GoShiggyGo

Bat Mitzvah Video

Bar Mitzvah Video


-Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Since 2012-

-B'Not Mitzvahs Since 2019-


Hi and Shalom! My name is Shiggy. I'm very pleased to meet you. In December 1994 I was blessed and deeply honored to get to travel to the incomparable Israel. On my journey I visited Tel Aviv, Haifa, the Wailing (Western) Wall, and Jerusalem. I even got to float on the Dead Sea! (pictures above)

As a boy growing up near London, England, my private school (Kingston Grammar School,) required us to study R.E.  During our Religious Education class we studied The Bible and in our Choir classes we learned songs that are typically sung during the Holidays. And here I was, many years later,  in the actual place of Jesus' birth, Manger Square. (Pinch me!) The lessons I learned in school were now right before my yes! A dream come true. On Christmas day no less!  In the little town of Bethlehem!  (Now I've got that song stuck in my head. lol!)


My love for Israel started years before my visit. Many of my friends from my alma mater Boston University always spoke very highly of Israel and told me compelling stories of the time they worked on a Kibbutz during their summer holidays. Their stories deeply intrigued me. I was sold and had to add Israel to my bucket list. 


Now looking back, my only regret when I visited Israel, was not taking enough photos. I will DEFINITELY go back.  Any recommendations?


I'm looking forward to hearing your stories and getting to work with you and your family.

From the Best.

By the Best.

For the Best.

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