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(And it's not always in the ocean!)

Trash The Dress Wedding Photography GoShiggyGo


Hi, I'm Shiggy! Nice to meet you, albeit online. I do hope that we get to meet in person.

"Trash the Dress,"  for some, is a massive celebration. A celebration that they are cancer free.  As the saying goes, "you never fully know what people are going through in life," and some people want to celebrate their remission from cancer by frolicking on the beach as a rebirth and having a fresh start to life again. Onwards. Upwards. 

Some use the "trash the dress," (or "drown the gown,") as a goal with a deadline. Their goal is to lose the weight which they put on since they got married. That goal is to be able to fit in the same wedding dress that they wore on their wedding day,  some 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago! Accomplishing that challenge is a reason to celebrate with a photoshoot. That very same dress that has been sitting in the closet collecting dust, smelling like moth balls and not "sparking joy," since their wedding day. 

After the shoot, the dress is typically professionally dry cleaned and donated to a charity that provides wedding dresses to the less fortunate. Yay!!!  (Adorned in Grace accepts wedding dresses and brings awareness to human trafficking and helps survivors.)  Even if we don't do a shoot together,  please consider donating your dress and I'm sure someone from Adorned in Grace, could definitely use it. 

You don't need a reason, or an excuse for everything! Some do it for FUN!!!  Some do it "just because!"  Why wait for something to celebrate when everyday is a gift to relish and to "carpe diem."

*Due to the extreme danger of this type of shoot involving fast moving water, riptides, swift currents and a dress that becomes super heavy with sand when it is water-logged, I no longer offer this type of shoot.  (However, for serious inquiries only, and a trained and hired lifeguard on stand by, I might be convinced to do this shoot again.)

On a side note, "trash the dress," doesn't have to take place by the ocean. You can let loose wearing your dress anywhere your heart desires. In the desert. In the mountains. In Downtown LA. In alleys. In tunnels. On a fashion shoot. Do you have any ideas for an epic shoot? Let's do it. YES!!


Please contact me and let me know how we

can make magic happen. 

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