(Some Photos Below NSFW)


"We should all start to live before we get too old.

Fear is so stupid.

So are regrets."

-Marilyn Monroe

Luxury & Modern

Boudoir Photography

Since 2011

Hi there! I'm Shiggy. It's super nice meeting you. In a photography genre predominantly photographed by women, it's an honor that women from all over the world trust me. I'm looking forward to working with you. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Boudoir shoots can be stressful, and that's not just counting the actual day of the photo shoot.  There are so many pieces to the puzzle on your end to make a photo shoot successful and photography is just one aspect in the big picture. I'll make sure your photo shoot as stress-free, effortless and as fun as possible.

I believe it's consistency, reliability and dependability that has helped me establish long lasting trust with my clients. (Please read all the testimonials below.)  Unlike some photographers and "artists," I'm never late to the shoot,  I always arrive well prepared and early, and have a 100% track record. I hope that reduces possible anxiety, gives you comfort, and most importantly, gives you a huge peace of mind. Let's shoot! 

Love & Light + Laughter


Your cheerleader! And photographer too!

Prices starting at just $449.

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Some photos below NSFW



Luxury & Modern

Boudoir Photography

-Since 2011-


You may not like the photos in the gallery above. It DOES NOT matter. My clients absolutely love their own photos, and as you can hopefully agree, THAT is what really matters, right?  "Who cares," is becoming the narrative for people doing what they want to do, when they want to, and for whom they want to. Themselves.  Yes! Yes! Yes! 


They love their body, even after giving birth to three babies, even with those stubborn last ten pounds that they can't seem to get rid off, even with love handles, stretch marks, wrinkles and warts and all.  Years ago the Hollywood studios told an aspiring model to get rid of the unsightly brown wart on her face.  The model refused and decided to keep her imperfection!  Cindy Crawford didn't let a mole on her face prevent her from doing what she wanted to do.  She said "who cares," and did it anyway. Yay Cindy!  She is UNSTOPPABLE. And so are you.  (By the way Cindy Crawford posed nude twice for Playboy Magazine in 1988 and 1998.)


My clients embrace who they are, and what they stand for, and most importantly accept themselves for who they are, and who they are becoming. They are a rare breed. They get up , show up and do it anyway!  These ladies get my vote. Any. Day. Of. The. Week.

Now they can proudly check "done a boudoir shoot," off  their bucket list.

So can you. 

What are you waiting for? Be one of the very few people who can add  "boudoir shoot," to their life experiences. Some clients book a shoot that's 3 to 6 months out. They schedule their shoot in advance so that it gives them time to choose their wardrobe and to tone-up. Booking in advance is having a goal with a deadline.  It holds them accountable.  Throw your proverbial "hat over the fence," where they only way to retrieve it is to climb over it!! Throw your intentions into the universe, where the only way to make it happen, is to take action to make it happen. Throw your red soled shoes over the wall! You can have results or excuses. Not both. Go ahead. Stop bunting for 1st base and hit, nay, SMASH that ball out of the park. Let's make 2022 EPIC!!!   Book your shoot today. 

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Is nudity involved?

That all depends on your level of comfort.  My style: Think Playboy. Classy. Elegant. Timeless.  We usually go for an "implied look," which leaves a LOT to the imagination. If you are looking for something X-rated, then I am not your photographer. My personal goal from every shoot is to create art.  Beautiful wall art.  Magazine worthy art.  The kind of art that you'd be proud to show your mother.  In a world where "less is more," sometimes "more is less."  Less crude. More elegant. More sexy. More provocative. More imagination inducing. More timeless. More classy. 

Can a boudoir shoot be done wearing clothing, such as a bra, panties and my husband's shirt?
Yes. We do it all the time. For additional modesty, some women choose to wear pasties. This emboldens them too explore a wider range of poses and some of the best shots come out of doing so. 

What should I wear?

Most client's wear lingerie. Many bring an article of clothing from their significant other, such as a white dress shirt, a tie, or in one case, her husband's firefighter jacket and helmet. Some opt to sneak out part of their partner's military uniform and happily surprise them with photos.   Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy.

Where is the photo shoot?

I have photographed boudoir photographs at client's homes, in hotels and have also converted my studio into a very realistic setting.  One of the most popular options is for a client to book a hotel room.  We do a shoot in the hotel room and when the shoot is done,  the client treats it as a getaway or a mini-vacay. Since they've paid for the hotel room, many clients meet up with their partner and go out on the town for a romantic and  fun night out and return to the room later that evening after their "date night." Please contact me to discuss options. 

Who is your typical client?

It ranges from college students to professors at Universities, from shy introverts and some with no personalities to some extroverts with multiple personalities. LOL!!  From military to firefighter wives, from strippers (this is LA) to doctors where I had to sign exclusive NDAs.  Many of my clients are moms and many are recently engaged to be married! 


What if I'm not in my 20s and am not an IG model? 

Believe it or not, and contrary to belief, the average age of my boudoir client is not someone in their 20s. The average age is late 40s to mid 50s.  I would love to know why? Is it confidence? Acceptance? Or is it because their kids are getting older and they have time to make themselves a priority again?  Hmmmm, maybe I'll conduct a poll.

Do you do male boudoir shoots?
No male boudoir at this time.

What if I need to lose weight first? 

Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot.

What if I'm curvy? 

Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot.

What if I'm feeling insecure?  

Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot.

What if I'm don't feel good enough? 

Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot. 

What if I have stretch marks and wrinkles? 

Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot.

What if I don't have anything sexy and revealing to wear? 

Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot.

What if I don't have the perfect body? 

Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot.

What if I need to wait for the right time?

 Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot.

What if I........(fill in the sentence with an excuse du jour?) 

Don’t give a hoot, let’s shoot.

The "don't give a hoot,"  ABOVE  is not about me not caring. It's not about me not giving a hoot. On the contrary, I DO CARE. I care abundantly, more than you may know.  The voices bouncing inside  your head tell you not to try something. The voices tell you not to leave the cave for there are scary dinosaurs outside.


The voices stop you. The voice paralyze you.  The voices justify you into believing that it's better to be cozy and warm in your comfort zone. If people were created to stay in a warm and comfortable place, they would have never left their mother's womb.

The "don't give a hoot," is basically acknowledging and pointing out something, so that it no longer has control over you.  The "don't give a hoot," means, "feel the fear and do it anyway."
The "don't give a hoot," says I'm going to step out of my closed and tiny "comfort zone," and step into the place where the MAGIC happens.


The answer to finding the MAGIC is simple. The answer is: Let's Shoot!! Shoot and shoo away those excuses.  Let's make some epic photos. Let's create a new definition of you. It's liberating!


What if I'm not beautiful?  If I hear that ONE MORE TIME!  For the next 28 days tell yourself the following affirmation ten times a day:












Come back here in a month!  (Please read Joel Osteen's "The Power of I Am," and come back here with abundance, love and belief in yourself.) I'll buy the book for you if you don't see any results. The power of intention. The power of using positive words and affirmations. Work! I can't believe I used Joel Osteen's name in a FAQ about boudoir. LOL! 

"Beauty begins the moment YOU DECIDE to be yourself." Coco Chanel


Will there be anyone else there during the shoot?

Rest assured, for your comfort and safety, we'll have a female hair/makeup artist present at all times. If you opt to do your own hair/makeup, that'll be totally fine. Some clients get the hair done at the local Dry Bar and have makeup done by a friend or at a Sephora-like store.

Can I bring a friend?
You're more than welcome to, and encourage you to even bring your significant other with you. Bring your friend. Bring your buddy. Let's make it a party!!! A celebration and a heck yeah to living your one, BEST life! 

Can I do the shoot alone?

You bet. Some of my clients prefer to do the shoot by themselves. They feel more releaxed, and aren't influenced by, or distracted by their friend watching over.  

How much is the shoot?

How much is the shoot sounds like it's a cheap commodity. It's not like we're asking, "how much is that sack of potatoes?" Or "how much is this gallon of milk?" After all we are talking about YOU. So the question to ask yourself is, "am I worth it it?"  A resounding YES. 


You are beyond priceless.   It is an investment in yourself.  You are more than enough and deserve to invest in yourself. The sack of potatoes and gallon of milk will be long gone. However, your photos will be here forever!  Invest in yourself!   Investment starting at just $449. (Weekdays for specials.)  For more information on pricing please click on here.

An additional consideration for you is if you choose to book a hotel.  I've done shoots in economy/budget hotels as well as high end, luxury Beverly Hills hotels. My studio is the most economical option as it doesn't involve booking a hotel. Plus there is plenty of parking! 


Do you offer discounts if my friend also wants to do a shoot?
Yes. If you have a friend who also wants to do a boudoir shoot on the same day, concurrently,  but at different times, please let me know. Discounts are offered. 


What should I wear before going to the shoot?
Loose fitting sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Why? Photoshopping out underwear/tight bra lines on skin is costly and very time consuming.

Who sees the photos?
FYEO.  For Your Eyes Only, unless you would like to share them with your significant other or let your friends see them. These are your photos exclusively, and are 100% private. 

What should I bring and wear?
I'll send you a list of what to wear and bring as soon as you book your photo shoot.


I know what I want, but don't know how to explain what I want.
Does that make sense?

I totally get it. Please go to Pinterest, or Google and simply look at photos you like and love.  Take screenshots and then send them to me. This will give me an idea of what you want, so that we are on the same page for your shoot.

By the way Shiggy, which photographers do you admire?

That's easy. Herb Ritts (He took Cindy Crawford's nude photos for Playboy Magazine. He also created the iconic photo of all the top 80s models huddled together in their birthday suit, including Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour and Tatjana Patitz.  Do you remember it?) 


I love Annie Leibovitz's work.  (She took Demi Moore's nude maternity photo for the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine,  as well as the iconic photo of the nude John Lennon with Yoko Ono dressed in all black for Rolling Stones Magazine. I got to meet Annie Leibovitz at the Women's Conference in Long Beach Convention Center in 2009. Yay!) 


And of course I love Peter Lindbergh's work.  He did a series for Vogue Germany entitled "Naked Truth."  11 women. 1 photographer.  Unadorned. Make-up free. And no retouching and no Photoshop. The results were pure and beautiful.  I also like the classy and timeless photos taken of Marilyn Monroe. Classics to this day. 

I have other questions for you that aren't on this FAQ.
Please contact me about anything. I'm an open book. C
ontact me here.

Click Above for BTS Video Shooting My Boudoir Client. (Military Wife!)

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
-Coco Chanel-