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GoShiggyGo Photography!
Serving Los Angeles & Orange County

Maternity, Bumps & Bellies, Couples
and Modern Family Photographer.
Birthdays, Baby Showers and Family Celebrations. 

-Since 2011-

Hi there. I'm Shiggy, it's super nice meeting you. Family photos can be stressful and that's not counting the actual day of the photoshoot itself. There are so many pieces to the puzzle to make a family photoshoot successful, and photography is just one aspect in the "big picture." From booking us, to you receiving your photos, we make the whole process as easy, as stress free and as simple as possible. 

  It's hard wrangling the kids and getting them to smile and to look at the lens of the camera. I totally get it.  It's hard, but totally worth it. I got you!

I try to make the photo session as fun, as goofy and as playful as I can. I have even been known to emit squeaky noises to get the kiddos attention. Sometimes the parents wonder who is having more fun. Their kids or the photographer? 

Our Consistency and Dependability has established solid TRUST with all our families that we have had the pleasure to photograph. We hope that reduces possible anxiety, gives you comfort, and most importantly, gives you a huge peace of mind.

 I always arrive well prepared, and early to the shoot location, and have a 100% track record whether the shoot is locally in Beverly Hills, Malibu, or Santa Monica, or down in San Diego or a vineyard up in Santa Barbara. 

Family photos help connect the dots and can punctuate certain time periods in your life. Your family photos are a bridge to a past memory or memories. I certainly am happy that my folks had family photos taken. I wouldn't  have known that I had a "bowl cut," had it not been for the photos! lol!

✅Photography starting at 1000.
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Modern Family Portraits

Consider decorating, accenting, and accessorizing your wall in your home with beautiful prints. 
Why not make prints and have them framed on your living room wall, 
or in the entrance hallway to your home. Your family and guests will marvel at your photos as they take a trip down memory lane. 

Family photos make perfect images for your holiday cards.

We offer gift cards too. 

We proudly capture photos of your modern and contemporary family.

Ask about our multi-family photo shoots. (For example: A photo with

your family including your mom and dad. Then we'll take photos of your brother or sister's family with your mom and dad. And for the grand finale, a big group family photo including everyone.

Add a photo booth for a couple of hours for your multi-family photo shoot. Your family and relatives get to take home a print. A photo booth is an excellent reason to bring family members together and to share a laugh. (Our photo booth has instructions on the screen where you imitate the face emoji smiling, winking, blowing a kiss, showing the peace sign etc. Fun to upload and share to Facebook and other social media platforms.)

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Please call: (310)266-4187

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