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Hi, I'm Shiggy, owner of GoShiggyGo Photography & 
American Dream Productions. 

My story starts like many stories, with my mum.
My mum came from Germany by boat, through Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty on her left side, and with little more than a tiny suitcase and a big dream. A dream where if she worked hard, she could have whatever she wanted and be whoever she wanted to be. 

Deep within my soul and in my heart, I firmly believe that Lady Liberty's proverbial torch has been passed from my mum to me.  That torch ignites a burning desire inside of me that lights my passions and also guides me in darkness. I too believe that with grit, elbow grease, burning the midnight oil, sweat equity, creativity and lots of hard work, it can help you irrefutably achieve your dream. 

Values that are necessary for making the American Dream come to fruition are the same that I fight for and work hard for,  not only for GoShiggyGo Photography but for American Dream Productions.
Ultimately I'll do the same for you.  

Take a look around. If you any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
My team of photographers and videographers are here to help.

GoShiggyGo Photography &
American Dream Productions.
Photo & Video Solutions For You.
Helping You Elevate Your Brand, Your Image,
Your Content, Your Marketing, Your Value, Your Best! 

Family Portraits

Perfect for presents.
Your employee is having a baby? Gift them a maternity shoot.
Can't think of what to get your mom, dad, brother, sister or a friend? Why not
get them a gift card for a photo shoot.
Your boss or family or friend has everything. What should I get them?
A gift card for a photo shoot. 
For the person who has everything. What should I get them?
A gift card for a photo session with their dog or pet. Or a pet portrait. Bet they don't have a pet portrait that is framed on their wall.  

From the Torahs to the horas.

From the ceremony to the celebration. We want to capture your coming of age with photos and videos on your special day. Shalom!!! 
You and your family have worked hard in you becoming a Mitzvah. 
Now, it's time to relax and have FUN.
We'll capture your hard work and effort with photos as icing is to a cake. 

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