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Photo booth pricing prices rates in Los Angeles GoShiggyGo Photobooth

 A Smile Creator. 
A People Magnet.
A Fun Memory Maker.
A Magic Making Machine.
Your Very Own Paparazzi in a Box.
A Must Have Standard at Every Event.
✅An Instant Awareness Spreader for Your Brand

Photobooth rates pricing in Los Angeles GoShiggyGo Photobooth Rental



✅ 3-Hour Rental Time

      ($100/per Hour After)

✅ Photo Booth Attendant

✅ Text/Email Sharing

✅ Standard Photo Template

✅ Photo and Live Gallery Only

✅ General Liability Insurance


Photobooth rates pricing in Los Angeles GoShiggyGo Photo Booth Rental




✅ 3-Hour Rental Time

      ($100/per Hour After)

✅ Photo Booth Attendant

✅ Text/Email Sharing

✅ Custom Photo Template

    ($99 Value)

✅ Custom Overlay ($99 Value)

✅ Custom Live Gallery 

✅ Custom LED Color Options

✅ Photo And Boomerang

     (a $99 Value)

✅ Filters- Choice of 2 filters

     (a $99 Value)

✅ General Liability Insurance


Photo booth rental Pricing Rates in Los Angeles Photobooth GoShiggyGo Props



 3-Hour Rental Time

      ($100/per Hour After)

✅ Photo Booth Attendant

✅ Text/Email Sharing

✅ Customized Photo Template

    (a $99 value)

✅ Custom Overlay (a $99 value)

Custom Lighting

✅ Custom Live Gallery

✅ Customized Screens

    (a $99 value)

✅ Virtual Props (a $49 value)

✅ All 6 Filters (a $199 value)

✅ ALL Photo Options: 1)Photo 

     2) Boomerang, 3)Video

     4)Animated GIFs

      (a $297 value)

✅ Access to Analytics

    (a $199 value)

✅ Survey Mode (a $199 value)

General Liability Insurance



✅ Professional & Friendly On-Site Attendant.

-An Attendant is Great Helping with Guests and With Moving the Line Along so Everyone has the chance of getting their photos taken.

✅ Open-Air Photo Booth                 

✅ GoShiggyGo Carries a $1 Million Dollar Limited Liability Insurance Policy 

✅ Certificate of Liability Insurance Specific For Your Event.

✅ Optional "Touch Less" Experience

✅ Set Up and Break Down. Set up usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Break down takes about 30 minutes. 

✅ Additional Professional Side Lighting to Make You and Your Guest Look Their Best. 

✅ Instant Social Media Uploads*

*Venue Wi-Fi Access Required for Instant Sharing. If Wi-Fi drops, have No Fearthe Files will be queued for Uploading and Sharing once a Wi-Fi connection is


✅ Peace of Mind

✅ Fun. Smiles. Enthusiasm. At Your Service. YAY!



✅ Unlimited On Site 4 X 6 Prints.  Just $299 for Event Duration.

-Professional Grade DNP Printer (Japan)

-Top Level Dye-Sublimation Premium Printer Paper (Japan) Which is Resistant to Fading Over Time.

-Guests Love These Party Favors to Take With Them Back Home.

-The Prints have Your Logo, Brand and Your Custom Details on Them. Great Keepsakes for Marketing! (PLEASE NOTE: With the global supply shortage, paper has increased dramatically in price and stock is hard to come by.  On eBay they are selling 400 sheets of paper for over $700! You read that correctly.  I do have a secret connection, but still it's not guaranteed. When booking your event please let me know as soon as you can so that I can order paper in time. I do have some stock, but it's quickly getting depleted.)

✅ Additional Hour at Event.  $100/hr

✅ Red Carpet $99

-Have your Guests Feel Special as they Walk on the Red Carpet. 

✅ VIP Stanchions. Set of 4 Gold Stanchions with 2 Red Velvet Ropes $99

-Make Your Guests Feel Like VIPs and Rock Stars!

✅ Survey Feature $199

✅ Glam Booth Option (Kardashian type skin smoothing option) $99

✅ Data Analytics. Collect guests' email address for future contact $199

✅ Custom Made Overlays to Match Your Event's Style, Decor & Branding. $99

 -Your Logo or Company's Logo Branded on All Digital Photos

✅ A Custom Made Photo Template Just for You. $99

 Choose from:

 1 Photo in  4 X 6 

 2 Photos in a 4 X6. 

 3 Photos in a 4 X 6. 

 4 Photos in a 4 X 6 

 -The Border Can Contain Your Name/Brand/Logo, Event Info., Location, Date etc.

✅ Customized "Tap To Start" Welcome Screen $99

✅ Add Virtual Props $49

✅ 10 Brand New & Clean Props Specific for your Event $149 

✅ Assortment of 20 Sanitized Props. $99 

✅ B&W Only Photo Booth. $49

(Prints Will Be in B&W if you choose the Above Unlimited Print Option)

✅ Add Animated GIFS $99

✅ Add Animated Boomerangs (Just like on Instagram)  $99

✅ Green Screen Backdrop and Backdrop Stand $149

✅ Premium Backdrops and Backdrop Stand $199

✅ Video Confessional Booth $99

✅ Outdoors or Venue without Electrical Outlet.  Electric Generator $149

✅ Events that require early setup will receive a special "idle time," fee when the Photo Booth is Not in Operation before the event starts. $49/hr

✅ Dropbox Folder of ALL your Digital Images $49

✅ For Corporate Events We Can Wrap the Booth with Your Branding (Ask) A 3-4  Week Lead Time is Needed.


Make a dull event spring to life.
Make a drab location pop with vitality. 

✅Available to enhance and add value to your event.

-Custom overlays specific to your brand. This can include your company's name, the  venue, date of event etc. overlaid onto your digital uploads or printed on your hard copy, "party favor,"  prints.

-Custom screens can be designed on the photo booth's initial "welcome screen," letting everyone know who is running the show. Great for marketing and for getting attention. 

-Your Branding with your Logo on Photos. A fun way to distribute content for marketing on an organic level. People love to post on social media and what is better than having your logo, or your name, or your brand on every single photo? Your branding will also appear on every single GIF, boomerang or short video that the Photo Booth can create!  

-In addition your guests/customers can take a hard-copy print home with them. Yes, WITH your branding, logo and event information on the high quality 4 X 6 photo! 


Cash, Credit Cards, Zelle, Venmo and PayPal are accepted.


✅ A 50% non-refundable Deposit is due at the time of booking.  Upon receipt of this fee, we will reserve the date and time agreed upon, and will not make other reservations for that date and time. For this reason this fee is non-refundable, even if the date is changed or the appointment is canceled for any reason. The deposit goes towards your final balance.  The balance will be due at the end of the event. Photos will be released as soon as payment is received.


You can reschedule your shoot for any reason 7 days or more before the shoot.

Please let me know if you have any questions and contact me today. As more venues are opening, dates are filling fast.


We are on a first-come, first-served basis. Book today. 


Prices and services may change without notice. Please inquire for details. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us.
Call Shiggy: (310)266-4187


Why go through the hassle and waste hours of your precious time searching for a photographer, trying to find a videographer and looking for a place that rents photo booths,
when you can BOOK ALL THREE in ONE place.

All your questions and concerns in one place.
All your communications in one email.

Efficient and Convenient.

Book it and Forget it!
One and Done.

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GoShiggyGo Photography carries a $1 Million Dollar Limited Liability Insurance Policy.
(An Insurance Certificate will be happily furnished should it be required by your venue.)
You can book us with confidence and peace of mind. 

What's the next step?

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an email or call. Or fill out THIS form. 


Capture "WOW" Factor, Fun & Fabulous photos!


You & your guests enjoy THE best digital and hard copy prints ever!


From start to finish, we'll help you, every step of the way.  

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