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We want to book you. 
What's the process?

The process is super easy and very simple.


Step 1. Fill out the Contact Form (HEREand Hit Send.  Or simply reach out through email or text to schedule a phone call.

Please contact me and provide me a couple of dates and times that work for you.  I will get back to you immediately and confirm your date and time.  Easy-peasy!!

Step 2. Phone call or Video Chat

We'll talk about your wedding and I'll be more than happy to answer absolutely any questions that you have. I'm super upbeat and pretty high energy so be prepared for "joy," radiating/bursting through the phone.  If you like, please leave a voice-mail or a text message saying when is good for me to contact you back. Thank you. 

Step 3. Custom packages and collections

We'll talk about a custom package especially created by YOU. How many hours? The venue(s)? Some weddings are held in a church  or in a temple, with the reception being miles and miles away in a hotel or restaurant. How many guests do you anticpate attending? Do you need a 2nd shooter to capture a different angle in order to capture different perspectives, candid moments such as your mom wiping away a tear or your father suppressing but letting go off his emotions? Would you love your memories to reside other than on a computer monitor, as a beautiful artisan wall print or in a premium custom-made album.  Your wedding is unique and our collections are tailored specifically for you. 

Step 3. Guarantee your Wedding date. Sign the contract and pay the Retainer. 

Yipppppeeee. Thank you for deciding to book me as your wedding photographer. We are going to have an amazing time helping you create "A" for AMAZING wedding memories.  Just sign the wedding contract, send the retainer fee in order to guarantee the wedding day for you and you are set. (First come, first serve basis. As soon as I receive the retainer fee, I hold that day exclusively for you and decline all other requests. Please book early and as soon as you can to guarantee your date.)



It’s always a little intimidating when legal things are involved, but there’s no need to be worried here.

A signed contract and retainer payment are both required to officially book and secure your wedding date. The contract I send you has been approved by legal guidance and is a contract that I send to all of my couples. This is meant to protect you just as much as it protects me.

Here’s some of the most important points you can find in the contract:

  • Reserves the wedding date, so I cannot schedule anything else on that same day.

  • Retainer must be paid at the time of the signed contract

  • Final payment is due 30 days before wedding date

  • Discusses cancellation and reschedule policy

  • Photographer will have final say on images selected in the published gallery and creative control over the edits

  • Final gallery will be delivered 6 weeks after the wedding date



Step 4. Please Schedule your Engagement Session (Optional, but recommended.)
Depending on the wedding package, most of my wedding collections include a complimentary engagement session. Yay!!  For couple's who book me from out of state and destination weddings , we can discuss engagement sessions and any questions you may have.  Many couples LOVE to have an engagement session and include photos in their "save the date," invitations.  It's also great practise for the BIG day itself.   Typically you'll receive the engagement photos the very next day (depending on the season.)

The engagement session will give you a whole new level of confidence being in front of the camera, reduce your stress and serve as the perfect dress rehearsal for the big day!


Step 5.  You Tie the Knot.  Capturing the MAGIC of your BIG Day.

About 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding, we'll talk about the timeline for your wedding day.  We'll chat so that we are on the same page.  It's important for me that you feel heard, feel at ease and feel comfortable. Of course, even up to the wedding day itself there are changes in the schedule, so please don't mind me, I'm super flexible and easy to work with.  However, I don't want to be the bad guy, I do want to be realistic. As the saying goes: "Fail to plan, plan to fail."  You do not want any additional stress on your wedding day, and, having contingency plans will help mitigate any problems. Problems such as "what if it rains."  It happens. It happened!! Having an outdoor wedding with over 100 guests seated on white chairs, and a sudden downpour forced the venue to have everything be moved indoors.

We'll create a shot list (of the both of you, the formal family portraits, the bridal party)  so that they can be included in your timeline.  We take into account babies, children, special needs, wheelchairs, accessibility you name it, we'll make it happen. 

We'll talk about this and create a beautiful plan for a successful, fun and ultimately a stress-free wedding. Planning a wedding day can be very stressful. Working with me is stress-free.


My assistant and I get to the venue at least 30 minutes prior to our scheduled start time. Rest assured, we have a 100% track record of NEVER being late. That's a great piece of mind for the couple and there is no anxiety whatsoever of wondering "if and when," the photographer will show up. (That's the German punctuality and Japanese commitment to being on time for ya.) 


First of the bat, we'll let you know we are here. We'll scout the location to determine the best light and best place to shoot. We'll get our establishing shots. We'll then take photos of the bride and groom's details. (Shoes, rings, dress, vows, and special "must have" close-up details.) 


 I can't wait to capture the MAGIC of your wedding day. I'm so grateful for being able to document this day for you.

Step 6. The Day After Your Wedding.  I send YOUR Sneak Peek Gallery.

Hooray, hooray, your sneak peek wedding photos are here. As excited as I am taking your photos,  I now you'll be on cloud nine when you see your photos.  Unlike other photographer that take 4-6 weeks to deliver your photos, my turnaround is super FAST.  You don't want to wait THAT long to show your friends your wedding day photos do you? 


You want to upload and share your photos NOW!! My turnaround for "sneak peeks," is the NEXT DAY. Whaaaaaat? Y'up. The next day!!!   Expect your photos on the SAME DAY if your wedding is a simple, one hour wedding on the beach.  Share. Print. And enjoy!


Step 7. I Send Your Full Gallery
Your entire photo gallery of  lightly edited, post-processed and color corrected high resolution images will be uploaded to a private, password protected online gallery within 3 days. 

Step 8.  Order Prints. Order Wedding Album. How about Both? (Entirely optional.)
With me, there is NO high pressure selling and I don't make you buy prints or albums from me. 

Copyright Release!! Yes indeed. You shall receive a copyright release that provides you with the rights to the digital files. You will be able to reproduce your photos where and when you wish. Print them on your computer. Be my guest. Download the photos to a USB drive and take them to a local print shop. By all means. You'll receive the High Resolution images which allow you to prints your photographs for personal use without any restrictions. However, I find that life happens.  Job promotions. Re-locations. Babies. The "I'll do it tomorrow procrastinators." LOL!!!  If there isn't a deadline to get things done, people tend to put things off.  I do.  We all do. Consequently they never make their albums, or never make prints. That's why there's a convenient button on your online gallery where you can simply order your prints with just a click.  Like I said, "No" high pressure of hard selling.  No obligation, just an options for you. Yay!!! 

Anything on my end?

I always let my brides know what I need them to handle (or delegate, as mentioned in Intentional Wedding Planning). You’ll need to have a box of details (rings, jewelry, perfume, invites etc..) that are easily accessible for me to grab when I arrive. This helps me get great “details” photos so I can get those knocked out without having to bug you on where the items are. Same for the groom, any details in a box and ready (watch, shoes, flask, suspenders, vows, etc…).

I always want to have great communication and I’m available to answer questions. If you’re wondering about something or if anything has changed for the wedding day, please shoot me a text so that I can stay up to date. Lastly, I always ask my brides for a day-of contact person. If something happens that’s out of my control (say, a fallen tree or a stopped train), I want to make sure the contact person is “in the loop” without bothering you or adding stress to your day.

SHIGgy ENd on postive and upbeat note




After you give me the basic information about your wedding I want to dive deep and discover if we’re the perfect fit.  Meeting and having a face to face conversation (whether that’s a phone call, FaceTime, or in person) gives us the chance to get to know each other better, see if our personalities vibe, and see if we have a similar vision when it comes to your wedding photography. I love to help you sort through all the ideas that are circling around in your head and talk about things that will be good to know for future wedding planning.

This is not a “carved in stone” conversation. What I mean is, sometimes people feel pressure that if they meet with me then they may be committing; or that they have to have their whole wedding planned because of the questions I ask them. NOT AT ALL! This is the BEGINNING of you planning your wedding. You will probably change your ideas multiple times before the actual date. Instead, I always like to say that the things we talk about are just to “plant seeds for you to think about now, that will help you make decisions down the road”. Remember, this is a DISCOVERY call, meaning the purpose is for both parties to discover if they want to move forward. There should be no pressure whatsoever.

What We Do

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