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Brides: Make sure your wedding photographer does THIS

Advice: To the brides thinking about choosing your wedding photographer, as well as advice to all the wedding photographers out there. Some grooms or groomsmen aren’t extroverts and don’t like to flaunt or show off what they are wearing. They may be shy, or they don’t necessarily want to show off that expensive bling, such as a silver or gold Rolex on their wrist. But remember, they are not wearing a cheap plastic Casio or a running Garmin watch around their wrist.

They are wearing that "Rollie" for a reason.

It is up to YOU, as a photographer, to make sure that you take photos of the details. Every last,

every incy wincy,

every teeny-tiny detail,

that the bride and groom have spent so much of their time and money on investing needs to be photographed. Create a check-list in order not to forget. One item can be 1) to have the groom, best man, or groomsman slightly roll up his jacket sleeve and take a quick photo of the cuff-links. Their passion could be doing triathlons or cycling, and they want to express their love of the sport with an link from a bicycle chain on their cuffs.

I guarantee that the majority of the grooms won’t go up to you and ask you to photograph the details.

I can also guarantee that the majority of the grooms would love that photo taken as part of a memory on their wedding day.

2) Another "detail shot" to add to your list could be to ask the groom and/or groomsmen reveal to you their "matching socks." Same thing applies to the bride and bridesmaids. They may have matching slippers or matching bridal party robes. Sure they have taken selfies, but it's your photos that will end up in the wedding album. You aren't only a photographer. You are a DETECTIVE. A curious detective. And it's also up to you, the photographer/detective to ask the bride and groom what important details absolutely MUST be photographed.

It is also up to YOU to notice and then execute on what you discover and take photos from as many angles as you can. Variety is important and knowing that you need different angles may lead to a "happy accident," where you find, by chance, an angle where the light is angelic and heavenly.

To be fair, it is also a courtesy for the bride and groom to inform the photographer on what details are critical and absolutely a non-negotiable, that needs to be shot. You can't place the onus entirely onto the photographer and simply expect him or her to know. They aren't mind-readers. If it's important you'll let them know.

Some cufflinks, to the casual observer, could be the run of the mill cufflink that you find at Mens Warehouse. However, to the groom, there might be deep sentimental value to those cufflinks. Those cufflinks were handed down from his grandfather, to his father, and now to him on his wedding day. Think heirloom. Think legacy. Think, "Ill take a photo of that."

Find the connection.

Find the story!!

Your photos will be so much better.

Choose a wedding photographer who naturally does all this, so that in 3, 5 or 10 years from now, you won't have any regrets of "what did he wear? Or 'what meal was served?" Or, "gollly-gee, how did the back of my hair look, no one took a photo.."

Choose a photographer who does it right the first time.

TAKE the photo. Take the picture.

Don’t forget the DETAILS.

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