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GoShiggyGo Photographer Photography Wedding


{Look at the photos below and you'll see}

You have numerous things to take care of simultaneously when you are planning, hosting, and organizing an event. It sure is stressful.  There are so many factors to take into consideration, including the weather, the location, the staff,  the permits, the codes, the marketing, the parking, the logistics and so much more.  Let us handle your photography and videography so that you can have more time and bandwidth taking care of the other important aspects of making an event successful.

Our Consistency and Dependability has established solid
TRUST with all our clients. We hope that our reliability, reduces possible anxiety, gives you comfort, and most importantly, gives you a huge peace of mind.

 GoShiggyGo Photography carries a $1 Million Dollar
Limited Liability Insurance Policy. An Insurance Certificate will be happily furnished should it be required by your venue.
Again, for your peace of mind. 

 My team and I, always arrive well prepared and early to the venue, and we have a 100% track record whether the shoot is locally in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Long Beach or San Diego, or an event that requires traveling by plane to San Francisco,  Kona (Hawaii,) Scottsdale (Arizona,) or Kiawah Island (South Carolina.)

You want someone who knows what they are doing, is extremely competent, can shoot in all kinds of conditions and get people from all walks of life and all economic backgrounds to smile for the camera. You want someone who is great with making people feel comfortable the very moment you meet them. Look no further. Book today. 

Price starting at just 1000.
For more information on PRICING, please scroll below


·Shoot above the water. In a helicopter. Doors off!
·Shoot on the surface of the water.
·Shoot below the water. Underwater and PADI licensed.
·Capture the decisive moment
·Shoot effortlessly around A-List celebrities
·Get over 300 eyeballs to focus on him
·Speak three languages (English, German and Japanese)
·Use his EMT skills in case of a minor emergency on set
·Ride a motorcycle. Licensed. Insured. 
·Set up the mood of lights to create  gorgeous ambiance
·Bring his RED, Canon or Sony cameras and ProFoto, Westcott and
ure Lighting, as well as  pro audio gear to the event. 
·Is Licensed and carries a Valid Insurance Policy 
·Think quickly and be resourceful
·Wear one of two owned tuxedos to fancy events
·Get people to feel relaxed and comfortable for the shoot
·Execute quickly and decisively collaborating super well with others

-You need a photographer who thoroughly ENJOYS what they are doing, whether
it's for a kid's birthday party with a bouncy castle or for VIPs who actually LIVE
in a castle.


Event Photography Pricing

Birthday Parties/ Celebrations/Anniversary Parties/ Red Carpet Photography

The photos will be fun, joyful and vibrant. As a mood maker there will be many happy and smiling faces in your images. There'll also be tons of candid photos of people enjoying themselves.  Sometimes you need photos capturing the solemnity of the event. Available for LA or OC Conventions, Conferences, Meetings, Celebrations,  Birthdays and Events, You Name It.

(Excluding Weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.)

Do you need to get a quick "group photo" to show a big turnout at your event? Do you need a photo with over 200 eyeballs looking at the camera lens at the same time and with smiles on everyone's faces to boot? Then I'm your guy to organize and take that photo. 

How do you unobtrusively capture a group photo when you have say,  four to seven VIPs standing in a circle, deeply enraptured with the person who is speaking?  It takes someone with a certain finesse, class and decorum to do this. How do you do this without coming off as rude, awkward or imposing? How do you this so quickly that the group doesn't even realize that they all just turned, lined up, faced the camera, had their photo taken mid-sentence and then resume their conversation without missing a beat? That skill is an art. Very few can inconspicuously pull off taking this photo. Most people can't. Not to brag, but I can say with confidence and years of experience, that I'm your guy who can do that. 


✅ Photography by Shiggy. 

✅ Approximately 50-100 Photos per Hour. (Trust me, it's gonna be way more!)
✅ Photo Color Correction, Cropping, Light Editing
✅ Guaranteed 5 Day Delivery Turnaround. (Most likely Less.)
✅ A 1 Year Private, Password Protected Online Gallery
✅ High Resolution Images. JPG files
✅ Low Res/High Quality Images for Social Media
✅ Full Access and Print-Release to All Delivered Images
✅ Unlimited Reprint Rights Forever
✅ Certificate of Insurance for Your Venue If Required By Your Business/Team/Organization/Venue/Company. 
✅ GoShiggyGo Carries a $1 Million Dollar Limited Liability Insurance Policy 
✅ Peace of Mind
✅ Fun. Smiles. Enthusiasm. Included!

✅ Wear a Tuxedo if needed
✅ Sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
✅ Rush Service
✅ Retouching & Photoshop Magic
✅ Additional Event Photographers Available
✅ Please ask about event/red carpet video and interview services. Owner/operator of a RED Digital Cinema Camera, Canon and Sony Cameras.  We utilize Professional Gear to produce high quality assets for you, your brand and your company.

✅Available to enhance and add value to your event.

-Custom overlays specific to your brand. This can include your company's name, the  venue, date of event etc. overlaid onto your digital uploads or printed on your hard copy, "party favor,"  prints.

-Custom screens can be designed on the photo booth's initial "welcome screen," letting everyone know who is running the show. Great for marketing and for getting attention. 

-Your Branding with your Logo on Photos. A fun way to distribute content for marketing on an organic level. People love to post on social media and what is better than having your logo, or your name, or your brand on every single photo? Your branding will also appear on every single GIF, boomerang or short video that the Photo Booth can create!  

-In addition your guests/customers can take a hard-copy print home with them. Yes, WITH your branding, logo and event information on the high quality 4 X 6 photo! 


✅ Cash, Credit Cards,  Check, Zelle, Venmo and PayPal

     We'll send you an invoice and W9 if needed.

✅ Deposit:

A 50% non-refundable Deposit is due at the time of booking.

After receipt of this fee, we will reserve the date and time agreed upon, and will not make other reservations for that date and time. For this reason this fee is non-refundable, even if the date is changed or the appointment is canceled for any reason. The deposit goes towards your final balance.  The balance will be due at the end of the event. Photos will be released as soon as payment is received.


✅ You can reschedule your shoot for any reason One Week or more before the shoot.

First-served basis. Book today. 

Prices and services may change without notice. 

Event Photographer Pricing and Rates in Los Angeles


Up to 2 hours    1000
Up to 4 hours    1500

Up to 8 hours    3000
Additional Hour/350

GoShiggyGo Videography Photography Productions.jpg

-Consider adding a PHOTO BOOTH-

-Every EVENT needs a stylish & sleek photo booth that blends in seamlessly, elegantly and harmoniously with the decor.

-The photo booth brings everyone together.
-Enjoy instantaneously uploading your photos to social media platforms. Your photo booth photos will have your branding, logo, color scheme,   the date, the venue location and other marketing details you want on the photo. 

Why go through the hassle and waste hours of your precious time searching for a photographer, trying to find a videographer and looking for a place that rents photo booths,
when you can BOOK ALL THREE in ONE place. Right?

Right HERE!

Please Ask About

Photo + Video +  Photo Booth



Please consider hiring our photographers and videographers as a team.

No nightmares of hiring two different company of photographers and videographers competing against each other in order to get "the shot." Our team has worked side by side for years and a wink, a head nod and other non-verbal communication will make us simply flys on a wall so that your event will be calm, smooth and seamless.  

All your questions and concerns in one place.
All your communications in o
ne email.

Efficient and Convenient. 
Book it and Forget it!

One and Done.

GoShiggyGo Photography carries a $1 Million Dollar Limited Liability Insurance Policy.
(An Insurance Certificate will be happily furnished should it be required by
your venue, company, agency or handler.)
You can book us with confidence and peace of mind. 

What's the next step?
It's simple and effortless to book your shoot.

Let's start with
an email or call. Or fill out THIS form. 


Plan your dream
photo shoot


Upload and share your photos to all your social media platforms. 


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