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Headshot & Portrait Photography Pricing
For Personal Portraits, Business Headshots, Personal Branding, LinkedIn Profile Photo, Actor Headshots, Boudoir Portraits and Online Dating Profiles. (Editorial Portraits and Commercial Portraits See Below) Please ask about our special CORPORATE HEADSHOT GROUP RATES.

✅ Photography by Shiggy (I'm vaccinated)
✅ Approximately 50-75 Photos per Hour
✅ Photo Color Correction, Cropping, Light Editing
✅ Guaranteed 5 Day Delivery Turnaround
✅ A 3 Year Private Online Gallery
✅ High Resolution Images. (Great for prints)
✅ Also Low Res/High Quality Images for Social Media
✅ Private, Password Protected Online Gallery
✅ Archival Backup in Case You Misplace or
    Damage Your Copy

;✅ Unlimited Wardrobe Changes
✅ In Studio or Your Choice of Location(s.) Indoor/Outdoor.
    Travel fee may apply. 

✅ Full Access and Print-Release to All Delivered Images
✅ Unlimited Reprint Rights Forever
✅ No High Pressure Sales
✅ Fear NOT. No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees
✅ Certificate of Insurance for Your Venue If Required By 
    You or Your Business. 
✅ GoShiggyGo Carries a $1 Million Dollar 
    Limited Liability Insurance Policy 
✅ Peace of Mind

1 hour        $450
1.5  hours  $525
2 hours      $700
2.5 hours   $875
3 hours      $1050
3.5 hours   $1400
4 hours      $1750
5hours        $1950

Some Additional Services Available 
✅ Fine Art Prints
Luxury Hand Crafted Canvas Wall Prints
✅ NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
Boudoir Portrait Session
✅ Rush Service
✅ Retouching & Photoshop Magic
✅ Editorial Portraits Starting at $750
    For editorial projects, business magazines, newspapers, trade publications,
    university alumni publications, magazines (both regional and national)
✅ Commercial Portraits Starting at $950
    Fees vary on project, usage, terms, production requirement, retouching,
    permits, company size etc.  Please email me for your requirements. 
✅ Corporate Headshots (Ask about Group Rates. We'll send you a price list.)

Please let me know if you have any questions and contact me today. 
As more venues are opening, dates are filling fast.
We are on a first-come, first-served basis. Book today.
A 50% retainer fee is due at booking to hold your portrait session.
Prices and services may change without notice. Please inquire for details. 





Up to 30-45 minutes Professional Headshot Session in Studio with Strobes. Headshots for busy people!

This is mainly for business people, actors and models. They know exactly what they want. Quick. In & Out with a fast turnaround on their headshot. 

The session includes one high-resolution retouched image.

We can get you in and out quickly. 

You'll get all selected images on your very own  personal and private, password protected online web gallery. 


Was $450

Now $299




2 Hour Professional Headshot Session in Studio with Strobes. 


This is the standard session for business people who need a few marketing images, personal sessions, or models and actors who are just starting out or updating their portfolio.

You can try a few backdrops to see what looks best for you.  Perhaps you want one with a tie on or you want to the go for a less formal look without it. Let's do both. Same with a dress or top. Quick changes for more variety and options.


3  Looks / Outfit Changes70+ Digital Images Per LookInstant review of all imagesProfessional photo shoot with Natural Light or In-Studio with StrobesOnline Web Gallery of all images


Was $700

Now $499







Unlimited/ Outfit Changes
We'll spend up to 3 hours creating photos for your brand and tailor looks for each individual platform, market and website.
70+ Digital Images Per Look
Professional Photo shoot with Natural Light or In-Studio with Strobes. 
Online Web Gallery of images


3 Hour Headshot & Portrait Session 

This is the standard session for business people who need a few marketing images, personal sessions, or models and actors who are just starting out or updating their portfolio.
In three hours we can normally get through three complete set changes and three to five clothing changes.
The session includes Five high-resolution retouched images.


Was $1050

Now just $699





We'll spend up to 5 hours (perhaps driving to multiple locations, such as the beach and the mountains) creating photos for your brand that is tailored  for each individual platform, market and website.
Most like to divide this up into two shoots. A morning shoot at sunrise and a shoot later in the day at around sunset (golden hour) taking a break to re-fresh (go home/shower/nap etc.)  in between the two shoots. 
70+ Digital Images Per Look
Professional Photo shoot with Natural Light or In-Studio with Strobes.  Or both!!!
Online Web Gallery of images

5 Hour Headshot & Portrait Session 

This is a great option for people who need a lot of variety for business or their first portfolio.
In five hours we can normally get through five complete set changes and five to eight clothing changes.
The session includes seven high-resolution retouched images.


Was $1950

Now just $899

Remember, if you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll always get the same results. STEP out of your comfort zone. Bring your character, your multiple-personalities to life. The acting business, especially here in LA is ferociously competitive. One generic headshot won't cut it.  You need variety. You need a broad range of photos from a number of different angles, with a wide range of facial expressions because even though they say that casting directors can "see" the potential of you in a generic and happy headshot, wouldn't it just make it plain easier if you had a RAGING face on your computer that you can submit at a moments notice. Speed wins!!!

From beauty shots to beast shots and everything in between. Let's bring out every emotion, every character, every personality that lies within you, so that you can have photographs and a portfolio handy when submitting for a specific part. 

Perhaps you've gone to other photographer's websites and they don't disclose their prices, or they ask you for the tedious and time consuming, back and forth of,  "email me for rates."  They're simply not upfront. They may even have hidden costs and fees,  Are you over that?   If you're looking for an honest, trustworthy and reasonably priced photographer, with great recommendations, great quality and great photos, then you have come to the right place.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Family Photo Wall

(I'm Sure You Can Think of More!)

1. You can use your photos as a unique piece of art in your home. (I do shoots in the average family's homes and I also go to sprawling Malibu estates and Beverly Hills mansions and I'm surprised and saddened to see the same, store bought, mass produced art on the walls.)  Go ahead and treat yourself to a beautiful print that is unique and that you can truly treasure. No reproductions. No imitations. No mass produced and no mass copied prints. Let's create a beautiful piece of art for your home. It's also a great opportunity with the adage of "in with the new and out with old." Time to freshen-up your place with new artwork. 


2. You can instantly relive those special family moments without having to dig through shoe boxes or look through a  digital wasteland of images. Get your prints framed and adorned on your wall.  


3. Prints make GREAT conversation pieces for when family and friends come over. Unlike a coffee table album that you have to open and thumb through, a photo on your wall is always ready to view. 


4. As the years go on, your kids will appreciate seeing themselves growing up.

    Freshen up your walls with new photos of you with your children. 


5. Make a collage with the year 2022 on it and fill up the frame with photos from that year.   Do it every year from now and make it a tradition. 


6. Those photos can be passed down to your kids and to future generations as part of your legacy, heritage and family tradition. Nostalgia connects us. 


7. Your photos from trips from years ago can be the spark that gets you to go and experience or re-experience more family trips.


8. You've heard "collect moments not things."  Why not have a two-fer!! Moments AND things.  Moments are the events captured in the photo. And the thing is the actual printed copy itself.  People are so eager to make memories and take photos, yet forget the icing on the cake which is the last step. Having those digital photos made into prints and then framed. Getting those photos printed and framed is probably the hardest part. Harder than wrangling the kids and preparing for the shoot. Yet, it's the prints and framed wall art that ultimately seals the deal. 


9. As we get older our memories tend to fade. Photos displayed on your wall can help you remember the good old days, as well as perhaps looking at a photo can be a catalyst to go out and make new memories. Yes to that. 


10. Photos on your wall make a "home" feel like a home. Photos add warmth, and that feeling of warmth and life, transpires into your living space.  As the saying goes, "a house is not a home without a dog."  We totally agree with that saying and may we add, it's not a home without framed prints on the wall.
Order prints. Order framed prints. Book your photo shoot. Let's have a casual and a no pressure chat. Contact me today

How we help you look your very best.

From start to finish, we'll help you every step of the way.  

Let's start with
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Plan your ideal
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Enjoy your best 
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