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Why you really NEED video?


GoShiggyGo creates photographs and video.
We work together, hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm with
our partner American Dream Productions. 
American Dream Productions is a 
turnkey production company that encompasses
initial pre-planning, sourcing talent,  production,all the way through editing,  post-production and uploading/posting/creating social media posts or in-house distribution.  

Why you NEED video?

Simple!! Make it easy on the consumer, the person BUYing from YOU.
Sure, people enjoying reading hard back books, but the number of "audio" books that people listen to has increased at a staggering rate over the years and it's only going up.
Not only do people not want to read, they want to consume things faster.
Hence. Audio. Hence. Visual.
Put them BOTH together and you get VIDEO!!!

Video is easily consumed.
The majority of your clients and customers have a smart phone that is readily available in their pocket.  As a matter of fact, the average person looks at their phone, at a mind-boggling, 150 times a day.

What's easier? To read a page of words that are too small to  read on a smart phone, OR have moving pictures, AKA video, that can explain things quickly, consisely and with just one click from their device?

Customers who embrace video and technology see higher growth rates and higher performance. 

Why is YouTube the biggest search engine?
Because people want to watch VIDEO!! 
Don't know how to do something?
You Google it.
Too many words to read or the instructions aren't clear after Googling it

then what do you do?
Go to YouTube.

How to change a tire?
There's a nice VIDEO to show you how.
Which camera should I buy? Canon or Sony? And which model? 
Someone on YouTube will show you a demonstration in a comparison video.

People are uploading over 100 hours of video to YouTube per minute.

Improve your Search Engine Optimization
Video is one of the most popular content formats, and it’s regularly shared via social media. Google and other search engines tend to favour video, so sharing video via YouTube with good titles, descriptions and tags is a great way to improve your search engine ranking.

Powerful Branding
Video is a fast and effective way to convey your brand messages. People respond well to visual cues, and video is a perfect method for capturing the emotion and physical attributes of what you’re promoting.

Show, Don’t Tell
Video is a great way to demonstrate concepts that are not easily explained in text form. Show your students through screen capture videos, live demonstration or even drawing on a white board.

Get Your Message to a Wider Audience
Not only is YouTube the most popular video platform on the planet, videos themselves are highly shareable. Consider how often you see videos pop up in your Timeline on Facebook, or in your Twitter feed. How often do people email you videos? Video can be spread far and wide very easily.

You Don’t Need a Huge Budget
While there is some merit in having certain types of videos produced by professionals, not every video needs a 6 figure budget. You can create effective videos of lectures, demonstrations, and more quickly and easily with minimal video equipment.

Video is Mobile Friendly
With many students using smart phones, video is a great platform to reach them. YouTube is highly optimized for mobile devices and the majority of students are already using it. 

"Video is not only about capturing and then displaying pretty moving images on a monitor or a screen.   Equally as important, and some would strongly argue that, THE most important part of video is not the visuals, but the AUDIO!! Yes, the sound. 

Let me tell you a story.

My team and I were commissioned to shoot a Bat Mitzvah.  My videographer was capturing the event as the day transpired, and for some reason, I had a gut feeling that we should go to the immediate family and record "sound bites,"  little snippets of well wishes, congratulatory salutations for the Bat Mitzvah celebrant.  I motioned to my videographer to go to the grandfather and ask him to say some words for granddaughter to later see in  the video.   A strong, yet very kind and humble East Coast grandfather, took out his nasal canula that assisted with breathing, and he was adamant on not being seen with a walker. With a twinkle in his eyes, he expressed some heartfelt words to his granddaughter. We then went on our way and also captured video of other close family members and the night ended as a successful shoot.

After editing the photos, I delivered them to my client and while they were very happy with the photos, i knew by their subdued voice, that something was wrong.  With great solemnity, they informed me that the grandfather had passed away, a mere few days after the Bat Mitzvah.  


Within two weeks of the Bat Mitzvah, the video was color graded, edited and completed. I sent it to the family and boy, I can not tell you how incredibly grateful they were to have "recorded" VOICE, yes audio, (and of course video) of the grandfather when he was still living.  Even though we live in a digital age where everyone has a smart phone and video recording on those devices, rarely do people record video of their parents or grandparents expressing kind words to their daughter or granddaughter. Since the grandfather's passing, the value of the video was in a sense, priceless. 

On a personal note, I wish I had taken video footage of my mom before she passed away from cancer.  All those voicemails that she left me on my iPhone disappeared because the phone got submerged in water, and back then, the technology and backup didn't exist, so as the battery depleted in my iPhone, so did all those voicemails that my mom had spoken to me. Vanished. Gone. As my iPhone died, so in a way did part of my mum's legacy/history/voice.
The "sound" of her voice is just a memory getting fainter and fainter every year.  

Where photos do serve a purpose, videos with audio can give one immortality, if you will.

As  smell is to freshly baked bread,

video is to photographs and images.


For these reasons, I HIGHLY recommend recording video. 



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