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Hi there!
It's super nice meeting you. Thank you for stopping by!
Here are 10 little facts about me:

1.  “One” in Japanese is “ichi.” My last name is Ichinomiya! 一宮

2.  Two cultures. (German mom & Japanese dad.) I'm Trilingual.
3.  Triathlete. Finished 2 X Ironman (swim/bike/run 140.6 miles)

4.  Four of the short films I DP’d (Director of Photography) won awards!

5.  Five years! Served as a volunteer with my pit bull at Children’s Hospital LA (Oncology, PICU, NICU)

6.  Six of the 7 Continents of the World. One more to visit! Can you guess?

7.  7 years. Grew up  in London, England from 5-12 years old. 

8.  8 Semesters. Graduated from Boston University! Go Terriers! 

9.  '09. Graduated from El Camino Fire Academy to be a firefighter!

10.  Ten years plus! Working as a professional photographer & videographer  for over a decade!

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