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GoShiggyGo Photography &

Award Winning 

Hello, my name is Shiggy, and I love, love, love what I get to do.

My team and I capture photographs and create videos based in Los Angeles, California. We're super delighted and honored to get to serve you.

Vibrant. Light. Modern.

Shiggy GoShiggyGo Best Top Photographer Los Angeles
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We Infuse Your Brand’s Voice Into Every Image That Is Taken and
We Create Polished Photos and Videos Ready to Share for
Your Marketing Campaign and for Raising Your Brand's Awareness.

From Globally Recognized Brands,
to Emerging Boutique Shops with a Flair and Style All of Their Own,  
We Ultimately Craft Still and Moving Images That Sell!


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Best Photographer Los Angeles Shiggy GoShiggyGo

-What Clients Are Saying-Testimonials


Shiggy! Thank you so much for doing such an outstanding job capturing our wedding day and engagement! We love all the photos you have taken. The passion and care you put into each shot put us at ease knowing we would get great pictures.


Everyone in our wedding party was talking about how fantastic you are, not only with your professionalism but also your upbeat and engaging personality.

Thanks Shiggy!


You are indeed



-Kristi and Jana-

San Francisco


Shiggy's photography captured our wedding day perfectly! We are both so impressed with Shiggy's style.

 There are so many beautiful and intimate shots with such unique perspectives.


He captured the tenderness and warmth in every picture. We also had many pictures that captured us and our guests in a candid, yet artistic manner. 


Additionally, Shiggy's enthusiasm and professionalism were outstanding. I will definitely hire Shiggy again and would HIGHLY recommend him for any event.


Woodland Hills


Shiggy's approach to detail in creating a memorial video was unbelievable.

He really created a meaningful movie by weaving in videos, songs and logos in all the perfect places.


Shiggy is a true artist and I will treasure his masterfully created film always!

-Jessica Samuel-

Beverly Hills


I had a photo shoot with Shiggy and it was amazing! It was my first time ever to do a photo shoot and the style was boudoir.


Needless to say I was a little nervous, but Shiggy was so nice and made it totally comfortable for me to work with him.


My husband was there and he thought Shiggy was a total gentlemen. I wouldn't mind working with him in the feature, he makes a photo shoot fun!


Los Angeles

GoShiggyGo Photography Opti.PNG
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