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As a multiple Ironman finisher (2.4 mile swim) and is scuba  PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified,

I am comfortable being around water and shooting underwater. 

From shooting the swim start/finish of the Kona Ironman World Championship, to videotaping myself during an actual Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon race, from shooting underwater for a wetsuit manufacturer's season catalogue, to waiting for the very right moment to shoot a couple as they are about to be enveloped by a wave during a "trash the dress" wedding shoot, I'm the three seas: Confident. Comfortable. And Creative shooting around anybody and that includes a body of water.

(Above. Wouldn't you like to have a photo taken underwater?

I bet your friends or office colleagues don't have a photo like this on their wall?  Tired of the art work that "everyone else" has on their walls? Don't want a cookie-cutter photograph that reeks of boredom and mediocrity? Want something that can move, touch and inspire someone? 
Why not create something epic that you can be proud to hang and display on your wall. Now THAT would be an impressive conversation piece when your guests come over for Thanksgiving dinner or the holidays! You'd be WAY ahead of the Joneses.  Why?  Because the Joneses wouldn't even have the courage to do a shoot like this. You are. Courageous. Bold. Game Changer.  Take the plunge. Book your underwater shoot today.

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Making a splash
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It's 2am and it's finally time for bed!! 💤 Here's Gordon Ramsay at Tower 26 last year!! _gordongram
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Nature's natural beauty _#sunset
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My favorite time of day. Photoshoot Day!!! Summer is coming!! Book your shoot now and reverse engine
Water-art!!! Do you see the stick-figure running with a cape on the left_ OR the bowler releasing th
This shall be entitled _Dancing Drops

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