GoShiggyGo Photography


Starting at $3999


Photographer: Shiggy Ichinomiya (Principal Photographer)

                           Concurrent Coverage by Second Photographer


Please inquire about details, custom packages, rates, and services provided.

Shiggy (310)266-4187

Email: goshiggy@gmail.com



Do you need video for my son/daughter's bar/bat mitzvah? YES!!
Videography rates start at $1499 (depending on time.)

We also can create montages and/or slideshows played during a part of, or, throughout

the event. 

Why do you recommend GoShiggyGo Videography services? Because the photography

and videography team work seamlessly together. They do not get in each other's way and consequently

you will not see them in the finished photo or video. They work hand-in-hand as a well-oiled machine, and as a powerful team, they produce results that are of the highest quality.


GoShiggyGo Photography carries a $1 million liability insurance policy.  

Should the Venue require proof of insurance by the vendor, GoShiggyGo Photography 

shall gladly provide written documentation specific to the Venue. 

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