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DIAMOND package

Gold Collection: $3999

Wedding Day Coverage  (Up to 10 hours) 

Principal Photographer: Shiggy + Second Photographer (shooter)

• You shall receive a beautiful, 10 X 10, custom 20 page Wedding Book


•You shall receive one beautifully retouched and color balanced 16 inch Print featuring a Key Image from your Wedding.


•Capture over 1,500 (most likely over 3,000 plus) original images, and then selecting only the best and 

  supplying a High Resolution Photo DVD (physical hard copy) or External Thumb Drive of professionally corrected digital

  images from your Wedding with limited copyright release for printing at a professional lab of your choice.  In addition,

  you shall receive a DVD/Thumb Drive  with LowResolution/High Quality images.  These are suitable for e-mailing,

  for uploading to websites, for sharing on blogs and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Pinterest etc.


•In addition the Best Images selected are hosted on your very own Private Password Protected Online Gallery.  Let your 

  family, friends, relatives and guests relive your BIG day without having to send them an album.


•Engagement Session. For most engagement sessions, you’ll receive approximately 30-50 selected and corrected photographs for every hour of coverage. Once your photos are corrected I’ll upload them to your online gallery and provide you with a download link within a day of the photoshoot.  Corrections include adjusting color, modifying the exposure, light editing, adjusting contrast and cropping images to make the composition most visually appealing.  You will receive the best corrected HIGH resolution images, on DVD or on a USB Drive.  The images will also be uploaded to your private, password protected online gallery. (One location. 1-2 hour photo session.)   

•You can order prints, enlargements etc. directly from your online gallery, in the comfort of your own home.  You shall also receive all the low resolution/high quality images which are perfect for sharing to Facebook, Instagram, social media and for emailing photos to friends and family.  Though, you can print them wherever and whenever you like. They are you images. 

•I do not do any high pressure selling or insist that you purchase any prints, therefor, I give you "full usage rights," of printing your photos at your favorite professional photo lab of your choice.

•Super fast turnaround. Sneak peeks typically available the next day and all corrected photos available within 5 days.

No waiting 4-6 weeks just to see your Wedding day photographs. 

•Contact me please. 

Please inquire about details, custom packages, rates, and services provided.  Ask about destination weddings.

Shiggy (310)266-4187

Email: goshiggy@gmail.com


Have you considered VIDEO?

Do you need video?  Emphatically, YES!!  I can't tell you how many couples, "after the fact," have told me 

that they wish they had video footage of their wedding. It's one of their biggest regrets.  Video is a series of moving pictures that also has "audio."  It's nice to hear the well wishes of your family and close friends. It's also a great reminder of how you expressed your vows on your big day.  

How does that saying go: "It is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it."  Order the video!!! Simple. Done. 

Videography rates start at $1499 (depending on time/desired length of feature film.)

Why do you recommend GoShiggyGo Videography services? Have you ever seen wedding videos where the photographer is right-there-smack-in-the-middle-of-the-frame, obstructing the view of the two most important people: the bride and groom?  The GoShiggyGo photography and videography team work seamlessly together. They do not get in each other's way and consequently you will not see them in the finished photo or video. They work hand-in-hand,  as a well-oiled and powerful team, that produce results that are of the highest quality.

For your peace of mind:

GoShiggyGo Photography carries a $1 million liability insurance policy through Hill & Usher.  

Should your Venue require proof of insurance by the vendor, GoShiggyGo Photography 

will be more than happy to provide written documentation specific to the Venue. (Many venues prohibit

photographers from shooting at their venue should the photographer not have liability insurance.)
We've got you covered.  

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